Maqam Theory- level one (in English)

Online Course for non-Arab students

Starts on: April 15, 2020

Ends on: April 24, 2020

Ten lessons (18:00- 19:15 NYC time)

Course Fees: 100$


          Dr. Mohammad Moussa Khalaf is a professional Arab violinist, composer, and ethnomusicologist, one of the most leading lecturers in the field of Arabic art music. Khalaf gives lectures and workshops on Arabic music in many academic institutions as well as schools of music in Palestine and abroad and has been able to achieve excellent results among students from non-Oriental cultures.


The style of the course would be friendly and rich in the meaning of content; the lessons would discuss the following issues: 


- The concept of the maqam and the maqam system, microtonality. 

- Exploring and illustrating six main maqamat accompanied/ tied with practical examples.

 - The character of each maqam and its main parts (Ajnas).

- A general conception of the taqasim based on each maqam

- Discussion reading and performing drills based on the six maqamat



More during the course:  

 1)         The course would contain worksheets that would be sent to the participants.

 2)        The lecturer would be ready for 15 minutes' office meetings for every participant a week (should be scheduled). 

 3)        The lecturer would check the tasks that would be given during the course.

 4)        Learn solfège` and well-known performance works based on the six main maqamat: The lecturer would make private meetings to provide notes on the performances of the compositions. 

 5)          learn to compose a short composition based on the various maqamat.


After the last course:

1)         The lecturer would be happy to answer and accompany the participant for further questions and inquiries. 

2)        The lecturer Would give one free private performance online (instructions on performing the materials of the course).

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