Dr.Mohammad Moussa Khalaf

B i o g r a p h y


Violinist, composer, ethnomusicologist, and lecturer specialized in Arabic art music and music education.

Mohammad born in July 1984, in a small village 40 minutes south of Haifa called Jatt. His father Moussa Khalaf became a leading oud and violin performer and one of the pioneers in this field in the Arab Palestinian society.

had studied violin with his father from age 7, and at age 10 began studying classical violin at the Netanya Cultural Center. Later he studied musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, completed a B.A. curriculum at the Jerusalem Academy of Music in Eastern Music, and earned a teaching certificate in the University's Education Department.

He studied Eastern violin with Mr. Naseem Dakwar, and Western classical violin with 
Prof. Motvie Lieberman, completed a Masters in music education and classical violin under Prof. Veronica Cohen and Prof. Motti Schmidt. He performed in concerts sponsored by the Abwab AlqudsLlfan Walturath organization in Jerusalem (أبواب القدس للفن والتراث) and was a member of the Hebrew University Orchestra for three years. He has become one of the major Eastern and classical violinists in the Arab Palestinian society in recent years. In 2018, Khalaf finished his doctoral studies in Ethnomusicology at the Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan.

In 2008 Khalaf became the director of Alkendi Music Center (AMC) of Eastern and Western music in Jatt, then the founder of Alkendi Orchestra for youth generation which contains about 30 young players of the AMC and has established Alkendi band which presents his works and other classical pieces from the Eastern and Western repertoire. Khalaf has produced the annual spring concert of Alkendi Orchestra urges the new generation to maintain the standard of the Arabic music. 

Khalaf participated
insuch of the Universal Festivals in the world as a Violinist and Musician. As a composer, he has unique works such as Ahasees (Emotions), Ghurbeh (Foreignness), Longa Farah Faza, Sama'i Rahet Alarwah, Ashwaq (Longing),Nostalgie and more.

In the field of research, Khalaf writes about the Arab musical identity in the face of Western musical influences investigating the development of both the modal system (Maqam) and the Arabic art music and the fusion in Arabic music in the late 20th century and 21st century. Khalaf participates as a lecturer in international conferences dealing with Arabic art music, Western European musicand music education issues.


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