Alkindi's Staff

Dr. Mohammad Moussa Khalaf: Musical Director and Violin teacher

Moussa Khalaf: Founder and Oud teacher​​

Marwa Gabarin- Front office

Hanan Becher: Piano teacher (advanced students 4-6)

Igor Khotinsky: Guitar teacher

Lubna Shaqar: Piano teacher (Beginner Students 1-3)


History of Alkindi

In 2005, in a small run-down rented room in the village of Jatt, next door to Baka al-Gharbiyah in Israel- Palestine, Triangle region, a novel educational concept developed by Moussa Khalaf was put into practice: instruction in oud and violin was offered to children ages 7- 10, with no payment required. The goal was to heighten an awareness of the importance of music education in the village. Four children arrived, which by the end of the month became 15.


Once Mohammad M. Khalaf  joined the  project in 2007, father and son rented an additional room in the village. The goal was now to prepare children to play these instruments at a 10-year-old level of accomplishment, while demonstrating how they could progress even further.


The young musicians began performing in their schools.  They were noticed carrying their instruments to the music center. They began attracting attention to the notion of playing music. However, several obstacles had to be overcome along the way to widespread acceptance, foremost among them the religious issue, namely, the religious view of music.  Religious conservatives tried to dissuade the public, arguing that music is a focus of evil spirits and devils and is forbidden in Islam.


Only after investing concerted efforts in the schools and in various venues, patiently taking part in various discussions showing how music could be part of the educational experience, correcting the mistaken conception of the Islamic religion toward music, and showing research on this topic, did the founders succeed in persuading the public, and especially the religious leaders, to treat this subject with greater respect, emphasizing that music harbors valuable educational values for life.


By 2010, the music center was operating more professionally.  The children were asked to pay a token fee for their weekly lessons, namely 100 shekels a month. Success was evident in the growing number of appearances of the students in public events.  The students had become closely attached to their instruments.  They began taking them to school and performing for the student body during recess, which, inter alia, improved behavior at school, and significantly reduced violence.

By 2013, the Alkindi has expanded to premises of 5 rooms, with an enrollment of approximately 30 pupils, ages 4-15, and a student orchestra of musicians ages 8-15.


Today, Alkindi becomes a main music center in the triangle with new premises of  7 classes in addition to two rooms administration, waiting room, kitchenette, and room toilet.



The Alkendi Orchestra performed in yearly spring concerts in the triangle led by Mohammad M. Khalaf.

Alkendi contributions to the community

The AMC has provided 20 talented pupils in need with violins and ouds and subsidizes certain other needs to assure that they will continue their music studies.  Several pupils study at the AMC as a means of reinforcing their emotional wellbeing.


Alkindi's vision

  • We dream that our village will become one of the support foci for music in the entire Arab society, and in our region in particular.

  • We dream that music education will play a significant role in the life of the Arab sector.

  • We dream that concerts will be held every month, instead of only once a year.

  • We dream of attaining governmental recognition in order to expand our musical activities.

  • We dream of appearing throughout the world on behalf of the Arab sector generally and the village of Jatt in particular, where the Alkendi Music Center is based.